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Note: PAMM M5 (A) is designed with Lower Risk in mind, thereby minimizing the potential for significant drawdowns.


Note: PAMM M5 (B) is structured for Higher Risk, which consequently increases the likelihood of larger drawdowns.

What is PAMM?

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. PAMM trading accounts allow investors to collectively invest in financial markets by pooling their funds. Any profits or losses that result from the trading activity are distributed among the investors according to your share in the account. This distribution is automatic and is based on the percentage of the total funds each investor has contributed.

Why PAMM by Gold Pecker?

Our PAMM accounts prioritise transparency, security, and precise transaction records. These accounts are efficiently managed via the Gold Pecker EA on the MT4 trading platform, equipped with automated trading options, risk management capabilities, and extensive analytics and reporting.

By pooling funds into a PAMM account, you benefit from the expertise of our professional managers and efficient portfolio diversification. This strategy enhances your range of investment choices and maximises potential returns, reducing the need for direct market engagement. On top of that, the setup allows for real-time tracking and automated profit distribution, simplifying the entire investment process.

So get ready to experience greater flexibility and control over your portfolio with PAMM accounts by Gold Pecker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) enables investors to pool their funds in a managed account, overseen by Gold Pecker, with profits distributed proportionally among investors.

Our designated broker is Long Asia. All trading activities are managed by Gold Pecker, while Long Asia addresses any account-related inquiries.

Please follow this guide to register: PAMM Registration Guide

For support, please email Long Asia at: [email protected]

PAMM accounts provide investors the opportunity to capitalize on the expertise of seasoned traders without extensive knowledge of the financial markets. These accounts facilitate diversification and a passive investment approach by allocating funds across various PAMM managers.

There are no joining fees. However, a performance fee of 25% is deducted from the profits generated in each account.

Withdrawal requests can be submitted anytime. Approval may be delayed if the withdrawal could impact active trades adversely.

Approved withdrawals are typically processed and credited to your Long Asia account within 3-5 business days.

Investors should be aware that PAMM accounts carry inherent market risks, which can result in losses depending on prevailing market conditions. Each account has different risk levels, influencing potential gains and losses.

For queries regarding fund discrepancies, please contact Long Asia support directly at: [email protected]

The minimum initial investment for participating in a PAMM account is $100.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, subject to a $5 processing fee.

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